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graham christian
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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, that didn't go well did it?
Here I thought you were being far more innocuous than this.
As for me...
I don't where you got your education or training, but in my world the way to produce video, to advertize, and to have an organization.
I don't do video, even for my own people
I don't even advertize my own dojo
and I don't have any organization at all.

Were I interested in growing...I am doing all the wrong things!
Were I interested in training with groups of people who might actually get this away from the limelight...I am spot on.

I any event, I now get the tenor of your views of me and will not converse with you further.
Come on Dan, don't play the innocent.

I don't think it's necessary to put another down but I do think a little honesty is in order here.

You do advertise and in fact many appear on this forum advertising your events.(whether personally put up by you or not but done in your name nevertheless, with your full agreement)

Thus you do tap into this Aikido market don't you? You market your product right here on Aikiweb.

I'm not against you doing so but find it strange you insist you don't.

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