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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
I teach my students to resist me fully and let them learn from an uke point of view, if they don't quite get it, I then show them where the angle or least point of resistance is and it always gets a giggle and shaking of heads.... It's where the fun is G, call it I/P or whatever, it can only be done from that option in my opinion. I use my son regularly to test my theories on..... He has a sceptical but healthy respect and passing interest for what I can do as he is massively and naturally strong at 20 yrs, 6'2" and weighs 240 lbs.... I move him with ease and he will spot any weakness in my waza straight away. He is able to do the jo trick and the pushing against his head in a sitting position after I taught him Isometrics, which he has taken up fairly recently. I think that once I am able to resurrect a dojo he will want to come and practice..... I hope he does....
Ha ha. Now there's a memory to share. 4 years ago my son turns up by suprise and says 'Dad, it's time I learned this stuff.'

Now that brought up a whole lot of mind stuff I didn't know was there. A mixture of excitement mixed with a strange sense of a new relationship, I mean this was my son I would now be teaching. Took me about two weeks to acclimatise so to speak. It was so different to showing him bits and pieces piecemeal.

I hope you do train your son it's a great experience.

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