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Re: Mudansha vs Kyudansha

Shannon Frye wrote: View Post
Both terms are used to mean any students who was under Dan rank. Typically, only one or the other is used in a dojo / organization. Is there a different in the etymology of these 2 terms?

I found a reference online that stated MUdansha implies those WITHOUT, and KYUdansha implies those WITH. Any truth to that?

Thank you in advance...
yuu / 有る aru means to possess, have, or be.
無 mu is a negative particle.

有段者: yuudansha: someone/those possessing a dan rank
無段者: mudansha: someone/those without a dan rank
有級者: yuukyuusha: someone/those possessing a kyu grade
無級者: mukyuusha: someone/those without a kyu grade

級段者: kyuudansha: someone/those with kyuu grades and/or dan ranks. In this case 有 is missing. A similar case would be 高段者 koudansha: someone / those with high dan ranks.

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