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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Thank you Joe
Don't take these things seriously
Tony had no trouble telling Marc, George, me and a host of others that we are aiki bunnies and we don't get it and we would not last a minute under real stress or testing and so on and so on.....
Were you offended for us then?
I wasn't. I can at least understand where Tony is coming from and have said so many times. I wont bother reposting them all, but if you care that much go back and read how many times I also stated I understand his doubt, bear him no ill will, offered to host him free, then offered to buy dinner after.
Tony and I will get along just fine when we meet, and we will laugh and tell stories after over beer.
Thanks for your concern.
Naaah Dan, I said that Marc and George were bunnies!! You are just subtle with words and manipulation and a lot more ego than me, that is for sure..... Have you ever thought that your reluctance to put up on video what you claim, is actually making you look and sound incredulous? You might seduce some to your way of thought and "technique", but I'm not so easily led..... I'm sure that Joe and a few others saw it that way to, but you are friendly, too friendly from my point of view, always the mark of a good salesman in my opinion.... Think about it as I'm sure you do.
I suppose to some extent we mirror each other, but I'm not so manipulative as you...... In fact I'm stupidly honest.....
I'd like to ask you how you came about your "knowledge" if you would permit yourself to allow that much "insight" to what it is you do, as you were so keen to offer me a freebie why not everybody else??
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