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How a TKD yellow belt beat a Akido black belt...

This is in the humor section for a reason - it's not meant to be a critique of either of the arts presented, other than what people might read into it themselves. It is allegedly true, however, told to me by a friend a few weeks ago who was the yellow belt in question several years ago (he would have been in high school at the time - he's not currently involved in any martial arts or sports).

At my friend's Te Kwan Do dojo they were having an exhibition event or something of the sort with judged matches, and there were visitors from an aikido dojo participating.

My friend got picked to go up against the aikido black belt. The sensei explained to him that if he attacked, the aikidoka would throw him on the mat.

Well, for one, my friend is something of a literalist and a wiseass. Two, he'd already spared against a few of the TKD black belts that day with the expected results and wasn't really in the mood for another beat-down.

So the two of them step up to the mat, bow, etc...and my friend puts his hands on his hips and starts glaring at the aikidoka.

"What are you doing?" the aikidoka asks, a little put off.

"Well, sensei said that if I attack you, you'll beat me, and I don't want to get thrown on the mat. I'm just a yellow belt, I've got no problem ending in a draw against a black belt"

Well the aikidoka has no idea what to do. He swears...

Well in this dojo, there was a rule that penalizes you for swearing during the match. So the judges awarded my friend a point!

And that's how a TKD yellow belt beat an aikido black belt 1-0.

Talking about it the other week, we all agreed that my friend had demonstrated the art of winning without fighting.

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