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Terry Eagan
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Training 20+ Years (or longer) question

Hi there --

As I posted on an earlier thread, after training pretty consistently for 3.5 years, I've stopped/started/stopped to only recently start again. So far I am having a blast but wanted to pose a question.

So many of you with 20+ years of experience must have had to deal with starting a family (I have a one-year old, and am 37 years old), raising a child, and negotiating with your spouse for training time. I've always been a runner and that is relatively easy to maintain (I can always grab 30 minutes and knock out four miles but Aikido classes are much different (factoring in drive time, class, shooting the breeze) I can easily be gone 3 hours.

What were some of the ground rules various parents used to continue training? Did you trade off days between each other so everyone could do something away from home? Did you limit to one day only and if so, how did that impact your overall skill-level and development? Lastly, a major question I am wrestling with is training and recovery. My son wakes me up in the middle of the night repeatedly after I've done a day speed tempo training and my body takes at least an extra or two extra days to recover. How did your bodies recover after training and limited sleeping due to crying,colicky, sick babies.

I hope I didn't go on too long, I just want to maximize my training time and preserve peace and harmony on the home front.
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