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Michael Hackett
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Re: slow progress

Neodlucan, in your original post you mentioned that English isn't your language, so I will take that into account. When you asked what I was trying to say, I simply was quoting Mark Twain for Mary's benefit. It is one of my favorite quotations and she couldn't remember the source. Believe me, my personality is irimi and even if English is a second language, my audience will clearly understand what I'm saying.

You describe the training model in your dojo as it is currently being practiced and also described your earlier experience there when it was different. Perhaps your sensei wants those of you testing to work together on your test requirements. Perhaps your sensei sees a quality in you that he wants to polish. Perhaps your sensei sees weaknesses in you that he wants to correct. Perhaps your sensei is a lousy teacher. And perhaps you haven't enough experience to determine which it is and should ask your teacher. Once you have that answer from the source, you can determine your next course of action.

You have no reason to apologize for your English, but if you feel it necessary to apologize for your attitude, please consider changing it.

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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