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Re: Seminar in Honolulu with Dan Harden - July 1st - 4th 2011

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Budo humility warning...wait till the end

So my kid grows up with my weapon accidents. I make forge own machetes and weapons.
1. Buffing a horn bowie handle and it catches in the buffer, spinning out and breaking my thumb and almost severing it. Surgery and down time.
2. Clearing the field of old mountain laurel (like iron wood) with my machetes. Machete bounces off of trunk and hits my leg-severes through 7/8 of my thigh muscle at the knee. Surgery down time.
3. Pruning a dogwood while up in the tree. I get hit by hornets- 22 stings. I fall out of the tree and desperately grab for a limb. I catch what I think is a limb and squeeze really hard. The the machete blade! It severes my thumb (same one as the bowie accident!!), slices off half of my finger vertically, (you could see the bone and tendons) and slices open all the other fingers to one degree or the other. I go in the house to my ER trained NP wife. She freaks!! Not because of the cuts, but my face and chest are all swollen from the stings. She is afraid of anaphylactic shock, I am afraid because I can't find the other half of my finger!! Ambulance comes, I won't leave till I find it. Finally....I lift the machete, it is glued to the other side. Off to hospital. Surgery and down time.

So....My kid says to everyone at a party when he is older. "I'm never afraid to face my father with weapons. I just stand back and wait for him to hurt himself!!"

The deepest...cut of all!!

Ya gotta love it.
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