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Re: Seminar in Honolulu with Dan Harden - July 1st - 4th 2011

Hi Chris
Sorry, May took the stuffing out of me, I was barely home three days and...swoop off to another seminar. I won't do that to myself again!!
Payment and applications are coming in virtually overnight.

This will actually be four days of my time Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the price of two!! I will also be staying a full week, and I will offer nights on the beach to train for free...donations, dinner, something!!! gladly accepted
Plus there is some talk of a beach party on Monday I hear!!
All other days are my own. Max has me snorkling and learning to deep dive. Actually, I think he just enjoys watching me suck and struggle and look like a drowned rat!! I need to practice. Lets see, snorkling the hot spots, with boats dropping off dozens of women in bikinis every half hour while I to be me!!
Hope to see ya there
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