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slow progress


I have been training in an unaffiliated dojo for a little bit more than 6 months. I try to attend the training as often as possible.

When I started I have been ''the youngest'' so I could learn new things and upgrade my techniques no matter who I trained with because everybody was better.

After a couple of months I was already better than some student that have been there for half a year or so. That is probably why the teacher often asks me to show the techniques to them (all of us are training for 5th kyu). The problem is that I have to train with a boy who's 14-15 years old and doesn't seem to try hard enough, and a mature woman who's 35-40 and has a really poor ukemi, and a new student who just started coming and is still too stiff. (I'm 21). When doing techniques with them I constantly have to be super careful not to execute them with too much speed and power (and that is very difficult because I am still not good enough to make it work in slow motion). When I ''forget myself'' there's always someone to remind me to ''slow down''.

When we train the teacher always pairs up individuals of same rank (which seems to be awarded based on years spent training and not skill so it is pretty much 1 year = 1 rank), and there is no switching partners during training. That means that I get to train with people that are more experienced rarely. And in those occasions it feels that my technique has improved more than in 10 hours training with the usual partners.

What should I do? I'm not really a quitter and I like aikido and would prefer to solve the problem rather than to change the dojo or similar.

P.S. Sorry for my english and attitude
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