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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
I don't have a clue where you got the idea that my post was intended to enter in a competition. I was simply stating my view on Ki.

You have stated that your Aikido follows Tohei's model. I too have studied Tohei's model under Koretoshi Maruyama when he was Tohei's first chief instructor of the Ki Society back in the middle 70s so I can relate to your perspectives somewhat. I am also a student of Dan's so I know where he is coming form on ki as well.

As a student of Tohei's model, you should know that ki is in all things and that it is what makes the universe animated. There is only one ki with many different uses dependent on how it is controlled internally and external by the body - yes, I said external to the body. Ki can be projected from the body and used to extend your awareness - not in a ki fireball type of way, but in a very subtle way. Until one realizes and learns how to do this, you will never get your skill to a higher level.

Greg. The competition aspect came from you mentioning Dan. O.K. maybe it was purely comparitive. My apologies.

Of course Ki is universal and external to the body as well as in it. There's no disagreement there. Ki in Toheis model as you put it is indeed extended out and taken into the body but I wouldn't say 'from the body' I would say from one point which is put at a location of center.( maybe my way of saying the same thing)

I too laugh at such concepts of balls of Ki. What's new?

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