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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
scratching my head (ya, head lice). is Shioda's Ki different from Tohei's Ki? seemed like that is what you implied. maybe i read that wrong, perhap? or are you saying that the outward forms are different?
Hi Phi.
Yes to both in short. To me it is the difference that makes all the difference and so what looks similar is in fact equated as the same thing.

Hence as I started Aikido based on Toheis principles from I might add a very stern teacher (zen style) I came across many people who could do things from other arts based on 'Ki' or 'chi' and had to go back training wondering what the difference was and indeed why it could be so different if it's meant to be Ki for example.

Thus I consider now I am quite good at recognising the differences.

That's all really.

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