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Re: Keep in mind that everybody is trying their best

Jon, responding to your last post;

Interestingly, while I am in afghanistan, my wife has started practicing aikido at my dojo back home. She is very bruised and sore (both from aikido and participating in a race called the Warrior Dash) and stated she may not go to class on Thursday. Now, while its hard to give advice to one's spouse about such things, I really tried to emphasize to her the importance of training through minor discomforts such as bruising, sunburn, scrapes, etc. Your last post just reminded me of this discussion I had with her tonight. Oh, concert with my addition to this thread earlier, I would add that certain 'programs' in my organization require mandatory attendance. Regardless of illness or other personal matters (except in extreme circumstances). We have a program that is a 10 month commitment, I think once a week, and requires homework (not always like a paper assignment, but actualy doing things...such as not talking for a few days, making 'instinct based decisions' and exploring where they lead, etc). Anyway, this goes back to my original post claiming the importance a teacher places in setting a precident in the dojo and holding students to a certain level of responsibility to their training. People are, of course, allowed to come train for a litany of reasons. Some are more casual about aikido than others. They are not turned away or shunned, but many are encourage to push their training until it has real effect on their lives. In my experience, this level of training is rare...and to deny taking advantage of it when available baffles me. But, the idealistic side of me wants to pull whatever I can out of 'casual' practioners so they can benefit the most from their level of commitment. I know, a little off topic, but I find this linked to the original post.
cheers, all.

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