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Re: Strength vs Ki.

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Nice clip supporting the view that Shioda trained with Horikawa

Everything he is doing is out of Kodo's playbook.

But, on to more meaningful things...
Think of Saturday
Think of whole body connection and what we did
Think of how and "where" it affected those hand connections
Think of the body line connection
Think of "If one thing moves, everything moves."
and you have no mystery, and no need to look up to these people for things you can learn to do yourselves.

If not then maybe I should get my outfit back on and get more compliant ukes who would bow to me!!!
Instead I'm stuck with you meat heads who only want to kick my ass!!
P.S. Just imagine hearing of a group of people saying things like this are not taught in Daito ryu or Japanese arts and they only are taught from "secret Asian teachers from one afternoon"...Bwahaha! Who says 'stand up" is reserved for comedy clubs!!

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