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Re: Zazen necessary for training


Zazen, (sitting meditation with full awareness of self, focusing on the danger or opportunity, and everything around you at the same momment -- a paradox, such as: you are unique, just like everyone else --), could be beneficial if your mind would like to improve perception so to instinctively, to know what to do without seemingly 'knowing" and without distracting delusions, esp. when split second(s) could determine the nature of life and death of a contact.

Our community's fortunate to have several zendo to choose from to practice with, to complement our movement phase of martial arts in various dojo/gyms.


p.s. zazen is not worshiping nor praying, zazen is not a religion, although, just like Aikido, regular and qualitative practice under a wise teacher can help you to make best use of precious time.

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