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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Last night i sat down with a group of budoka and watched a selection of videos of your practice. I'm sure your practice is beneficial to you in some way, but whatever you choose to call your movement- none of the budoka watching could relate with it as a form of budo. I now see why we struggled to communicate. We have no common frame of reference.
Hi Dan.
Agreed. I had the same kind of problems with my communication on entering this forum. I assumed we all had the same frame of reference or at least similar.

This at first led me to 'attack' those attacking my views. Then to review where I was going wrong. Then to realize how many different lines of approach and different frames of references there were.

Thus I realized my mistake and learned. With understanding I then returned to center so to speak. Some may still thinK I am whatever but to them I say only this:

In my way of Aikido I am as a Giant Oak Tree however in the great field of Aikido I am merely a leaf.


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