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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
"Aiki requires an enormous amount of solo training."
Very interesting.
Could you be so kind to elaborate more, when you have a chance?

Also, how does that apply as far as resistance is involved? Apparently, solo training poses a permanent danger, namely that of training in a self delusional manner that you may believe effective and yet it is not (this happens regularly when we practice iriminages on dojos with ukes, and then we move those iriminages on to more "realistic" avenues - go figure what may happen in solo training).

With the limted scope of my understanding, I know katas are a founding factor of all martial arts - in fact, I have always been puzzled in seeing how katas seem so scantly developed in Aikido apparently, at least if comparatively evaluated against, say, karate.

However that statement in your signature is so interesting, and I loved so much your posts here and elsewhere in these days, that whatever thoughs you may have on that topic, would be gold to me.
Of course if you feel like, otherwise no prob.

Thank you.

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