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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
At about 14 minutes in those 2 guys look like they are just jumping into a break fall for no reason. It looks very choreographed. I wonder what they are trying to show? I wish I spoke Japanese!

There are also some really good Black and White Tohei videos on Youtube.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Tim. Yes I have seen most of those old videos. All good.

To do with the break falls I would say two things really from my perspective.

1. Yes of course it's all choreographed to a greater or lesser degree as it is a presentation. With that the attacker would probably want to carry on into the break-fall even if the technique wasn't perfect.

2. That unless you have experience of that kind of Aikido by someone as competent as Tohei Sensei then it's hard to understand what is actually being experienced and why the resultant effect.

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