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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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Hi Alberto:
First off : The videos are Graham's.

Next issue:

Grasshopper, your cup is full.

Complaining about something over and over is like crying. You sound like a victim.

If you don't like your dojo start a new one or train in Ju Jitstu dojo or something.
Who's complaining?
We're just talking.

However, if for you this means complaining, nothing to object. You are entitled to your personal perception.

Besides you're not supposed to empty cups that you judge full - I mean use the ignore function, in the worst case

I am at odds at times because guys here keep addressing me - at times it may seem rude, I guess, ignoring them when they start a post with the line : "Alberto" - see how many.
And I didn't even start this thread.

What about replying stating one's views on the topic rather than addressing me as if persuading me would be of any value? I'm flattered you seem to believe so, but I myself I am not inclined in the least to overestimate myself that much: the fact I disagree with an outlook, doesn't mean my outlook is necessarily better.

However, i am entitled to my opinion, and to my thoughts. And I find this thread valuable.

now, if only guys would stop starting their contributions here with the line "Alberto"... It's not me vs you, it's just about intellectual debate.

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