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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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Hi Alberto -

I don't agree.

Graham's knowledge of the principles of Aikido is evidenced by the nature of his posts; which when looked at as a body of work clearly show how Aikido can be applied in venues other than the martial arena.

If you wish to judge his Aikido then you might want to base your judgement on more than a couple of minutes of video.


I think both sides need to be respected.

If someone's Aikido has credibility in social interaction and life...then demonstrate it, and be comfortable in stating martial things are not your interest.
If someones aikido has no credibility in a martial setting, then why enter the martial arena at all?
Why get defensive when people with practical and real skills challenge the obvious martial errors on your part.

There is a great deal of hubris displayed sometimes that does the art little service. The good ones know well they don't have it in a martial venue, and they don't care and say so. The bad ones are unaware of their failures and thus harm the arts martial credibility.

Every martial art has faced the very real tactical demands that it is a martial art and makes no excuses for their identity and success and failure in their chosen venue. Aikido, almost singularly, makes no apology for its failures in the martial venue, and some of its less educated members are instead insulted or even arrogant in stating that their art has risen above the martial. Were that true, than it should be able to demonstrate extreme competence in a martial venue, and just how it has risen above.
If on the other hand, it has chosen to walk away from the martial venue, then it should embrace that and walk away from martial things like swords, Japanese clothing, locking and throwing and be comfortable with that.

I have no trouble training with senior members who were soldiers or bad asses in other areas and are very comfortable in stating that aikido brought peace to their lives and is something OTHER than a martial venue to them. But they are not the self deluded ones who think that what they are doing martial pursuit.
It's as simple as the Karate kid
"Walk on road left-safe
Walk on road right-safe
Walk on road middle-squish, just like grape."

Anyone in the middle who keeps making videos like the ones just shown here, (and with a sword in their hand?? Good grief).... opens themselves up for more experienced and educated scrutiny,

You might as well put on a green beret, put on BDUs with medals, pick up a gun upside down and then lead it away from someone trying to grab it and then try telling a spec ops community that you understand war. They deserve respect for their efforts and hard won knowledge, so do martial artists.

Perhaps a better education about what "martial art" really means would help many people, Then they can be comfortable in their own skin and stop defending themselves. They can state openly that what they are doing is not martial and they don't care. You only open yourself and the art up to ridicule by imagining these things have any value martially and film it for an increasingly educated viewing audience. Aikido has many other positive aspects that directly benefit the community and those involved that need no defending

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