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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Uh, why two guys here seem to think I was addressing Graham? He has been always very kind, I always loved his posts, and he always sounded experienced and sensible to me, besides I have no idea how he trains - neither I am aware whether in those video there is Graham, but I don't think so.

Whatever, anyway for a video like anybody can decide, without me in the way.

Of course, if one finds that type of training benefical or effective or usable for self defense, or that type of ukes realistic, or even as a "spiritual" path worth pursuing - well, we're in a field that is so self-evident that any option for debate instantly vanishes. Once that type of training is regarded allright - discussion over

If that type of training is sustainable, and benefical to the credibility of Aikido - if those black belts are worth being imitated, we are hitting squarely the ball about why many persons are puzzled by aikido's martiality.

Nothing to add It's no longer a matter of me, you, boxing, aikido, thai chi, karate or whatever. It's a predilection that places itself beyond reproach.
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