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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

Tim Jester wrote: View Post
...he never seems to stays focused on his Uke after he throws. It seems flippant to me... If you get a chance can you ask him why he does this?
I might be a bit shy of suggesting that he's flippant. I've always interpreted this as Japanese manners, but I don't actually know if that's the case. When he's throwing you around during practice or after class, he's totally focused on you--in fact, you often find him right on top of you as you finish your roll--until he's done, at which point he often just turns around and walks away. Same when he's using you to demonstrate--he's focused on the class and expects you to attack or hold off without a lot of explicit cues from him.

@Cliff, this is Baltimore, not Boston.

@Dan, yeah, that "I'm just walking in the park and people are falling on their ass all around me" aspect is one of the things I love about his aikido. A few other guys seem to have it -- for two, Kisaburo Ohsawa and a guy by the name of Numata, who I know nothing about but I ran across on YouTube. Anyone know who he is? I'd love to know more about him.
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