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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

Very nice videos Hugh.

I have a question that has always stuck with me and seeing this instructor reminded me about it.

I don't know who this is but he never seems to stays focused on his Uke after he throws. It seems flippant to me. I see a few instructors do this. They throw Uke but have no Zanshin afterwards.

Teaching situational awareness is a big part of martial arts but I don't see that aspect being taught here. I'm sure he might have it but he doesn't seem to teach it in these videos. I know other instructors that stay focused on Uke until he recovers and that's what I was always taught in any of the arts I've studied.

It seems that habits like this would be hard to break once ingrained in your teaching methods. If you get a chance can you ask him why he does this?


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