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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

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Hey all -- I've been working on pulling together video clips from Gleason Sensei's latest seminar at Baltimore Aikido. The first one is up on our YouTube channel. More will follow as we get them done, and eventually there will be a more comprehensive DVD.

Dan has mentioned on this forum that Gleason Sensei has been working with him for the past few years, so it might be worthwhile to point out that this is not a demo of Dan's aiki. You'll still have to go to him for that. This is Sensei's own interpretation of Aikido, incorporating Dan's principles into his own 40 years of experience.
As an independent Aikiko practitioner and as student of Dan's, I have had the opportunity to be on the mat with Bill at Dan's seminars as well as at Bill's own seminars. What I see is that more and more Bill is taking the concepts and principles of what Dan is teaching and is incorporating them into his Aikido techniques - Bill's focus is not on the techniques but more on the aiki within them.

For those that want to get a glimpse into what Dan is doing with aiki and cannot get to one of his seminars, go to one of Bill's - or Howard Popkins'; since Howard is doing the same thing with his Daito Ryu techniques.

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