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Diana Frese
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Re: Nearness

Hi Ross, I often post late because I'm thinking, and your columns always have much food for thought. But here's one instance that comes to mind of how close these 'worlds" are.

I was a construction gofer for my husband, his brother, their friends, etc. and had a lot of quarters, etc. on the dashboard, from change from gofering .... Sometimes business was profitable, sometimes "not so much".... but one time I was in a four lane that ran parallel to the train tracks and there was a person with a cardboard sign and maybe a coffee cup asking for donations. Business was okay that summer, the change was, as is common in trades, scattered on the dashboard so I just grabbed a handful and handed it to him. It was so easy, the median divider was right next to the window.

I'm no saint, those who know me know I'm far from it. But even for me, and even in the economic downturn, there are so many small things that could help. So I try. Because the worlds are that close.

Thanks for the assurance and encouragement to do better as we find ways to help however we can. Your columns are an inspiration and are beautifully written in themselves, too.
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