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Re: Bill Gleason YouTube Videos

I always enjoy watching Bill work. He cracks me up in that he doesn't look like he is doing much. His hands and arms look lax, almost empty but when you run into those hands of his; it's either a hole or...bam...a 2x4 in your face! If you watch Bill's touch on the arms or neck of that uke, you can see the weight dropping on the guy while Bill keeps his energy in himself.

I've seen some interesting changes in feel over the last year alone. What I have experienced with him is that he is getting softer, more precise, and more powerful. He is a very dedicated workman and works his butt off on his own when no one is watching. I would be willing to bet his students don't put in the same time on their own as he does.
I can't wait to see what he does over the next five years. He is just simply not going to stop. He has the hunger of a 1st kyu still "going after the ring."

We were talking a couple of months ago about his students, and progress and stages in training, and expectations students have and he said "Well, they can keep chasing this old man."
At 67 His body has the tone of a 45 yr. old and his mind is even younger....wait......I hate that guy!
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