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Re: Do We Need To Invent A New Training? Yes/No/Maybe/How?

One small edit
Another group pursuing this are Shirata's guys in Oregon and the Netherlands. As I stated here, Shirata was one of the greats under Ueshiba, and lo and behold, he had solo exercises that actually had value and work.....and Kisshomaru....banned them.

I can't wait for some of the books that are going to be written in a few years about the early days of modern aikido. So many interesting stories that gibe seamlessly with what I have previously been told..
New model? The art would have been in a lot better shape with the old one being allowed to actually be taught.

ASU, some of Imaizuma's people, Shirata's people, Birankai teachers, Shihan in the USAF, Ki society, Daito ryu people, four different Koryu and ICMA, joining with MMA people...and all chasing one thing. Interesting indeed. Were not inventing a new training, we are in hot pursuit of an old one that actually worked.

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