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Re: playing with weight and a question

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....Now I mentioned in one of my previous posts about pivoting from the ankle, but now its more like a chain of bends. I bend the ankle, then the knee, then the hip/kua area. Looking at the scissor jack, the top par is my shoulders, and the bottom is the ankle. My knees and hips go outwards. Doing it in this way, along with which muscles I use on the front and back of the legs leads to the fronts of the thighs not being engaged while doing standing or the various aunkai exercises.
You might consult with a Goju-Ryu sensei and think about taking classes as they often train students in IP while also doing traditional kata instruction. In Aikido I have gotten some IP instruction when doing SUWARIWAZA - kokyuho and there are many shihans in Aikido who can give you instruction in this area if you ask them about it.
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