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Michael Varin
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Re: playing with weight and a question


Weren't you going to post some videos of a few exercises or some things you are working on? Whatever happened to that? Don't you think you should stand by your word?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote:
For all of these exercises, at a starting point at least you have to keep the hands/arms "heavy". This does not mean pushing the arms down with the shoulders to make them heavy, but requires that the arms and shoulders are relaxed. Therefore something else must be pushing keeping them held upright.
I know anatomy and kinesiology is a challenge for many of you, but, and this may come as a surprise, your shoulders cannot "push" the arms down.

So, if the shoulders are "relaxed" how do the arms raise?

Seriously. What does "relaxed" mean to you? Do you truly believe that it is possible to raise the arms without the deltoids activating? Or are you really referring to "feelings" that you want to develop in your body?

Listen, I agree that directing your weight straight down, using gravity, not depending on anything/anyone else for your balance, being relaxed, and favoring the lower body are all positive qualities, but I really feel you need to communicate much more clearly about the ideas you bring up for discussion.

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