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Re: How ready should you be for a test?

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Maybe in the style you train in. In other styles that would be crap. Saying general things like that can hurt a student if he or she is training in style that Ki development is the focus. Focusing on the other person is a distraction from developing one's self. Staying soft and connecting with your partner is much more important than throwing hard and looking good.
I don't see the connection between 'throwing hard' and working with someone who will show you the mistakes and openings in your techniques. You can (usually easily) throw an over-cooperative, over-helpful uke very very hard, and on the other hand you can control someone and take their balance and throw them gently.

Looking good is so subjective that it means something different to every person so I won't comment on that.

Even if your biggest goal is staying soft and connecting with your partner, then wouldn't that mean that that is part of what 'success' would mean in your style? Are you not meant to learn to stay soft and connect with your partner when your partner isn't doing the same? Perhaps not, as I know very little about lines of training that focus on ki development, but that's what I always thought part of the point was.

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