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Kisaburo Ohsawa sensei

I couldn't help wondering whether the resurrection of the thread of "Kisaburo Ohsawa sensei" on the "Voices of Experience" section has something to do with maai in view of the passing of another aikido's great of his era.

While reading the posts of the past year, suddenly the Zen story of two monks meeting a young lady while on a journey came to mind. The story goes that two monks, one older and one younger, chanced upon a young lady who hesitated to cross a stream without wetting her clothes. Without a word, the older monk lifted the young lady on his shoulders and carried her across the stream and put her down on the other bank. Then, the monks carried on their journey without uttering a word among themselves. After a while the perturbed younger monk couldn't hold but questioned the elder monk about his action with the young lady. The elder monk's answer was, "I left her at the river bank long ago, why are you still carrying her?".

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