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Re: Frustration with super-soft aikido class

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I train at an aikido dojo and one of my senseis, a shodan, is very into connection exercises. He sometimes makes an entire class out of them.
I think this shodan might be overdoing it. This is probably not a clever way to run a class, since unevitably some people will get very frustrated (like I would be if an entire class was speant on hip throws, since I suck mightily at hip throws). The first years one teach, one very easily overdo things and way too often, people who start teaching and the head of the dojo have too little conversation on how things are or should be done.

Talking to the main teacher of the dojo might not be a bad idea. The shodan teaching could need a tip or two on class structure, perhaps. If the main teacher says "I think X is doing that just fine" I guess you just sigh and bear with these classes. I take it you have several people teaching in the dojo, so there should be plenty of classes more to your liking.

Personally I would probably have loved this kind of classes, even as a 6th kyu.... eventually you will learn something from them, although you don't quite see the benefits now.
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