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Re: Re: Caveat Lector....

Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Well, It might be that what my opinion infuriates you or you might find it as non-sense. Sorry for that. However, I do consider most of your own posts as non-sense, but they never infuriate me, because I respect your right of having an opinion, no matter how silly it might be.

So please show more respect to others silly opinions in the same way they show respect to your silly ones.
I can't find the words "non-sense or silly" in this exchange anywhere other than in this quote.

I suggest that you take your own advice and show some respect.

On the topic: It seems to me that it is just this simple...people have natural learning tools that are often very different. Why should everyone have to be the same? I think really good teachers provide the information in as many ways as possible so that everyone gets the message. I have experienced Japanese shihan that do this as well as non-Japanese teachers. What is the big deal? (other than that most of us like to argue about differences that do not make a difference) There is room for everybody as long as the end result is committed attacks, efficient waza with everyone taking care of their partner, and mutual respect shown to all.

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