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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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You see there are no short cuts to learning how to deal with such 'real' opponents and trying to do so without enough training is indeed trying to take a short cut and thus you fail.
I don't know this guy, but there is plenty of guys who think they are expert.
In my intention, being able to fight doesn't mean being a troublemaker, but it is simply the whole goal and purpose of any Martial Art, because it is exactly by tapping into that formative ground that also the spiritual meaning eventually emerges, and its highly educational side acquires a final consistency.

They will never train me to face a real attacker in dojos. Simply never. I realized that, and though unpopular to be verbalized, nonetheless here I take the liberty of speaking my mind - they drove me to that conclusion.

They will keep me there years, and I may never realize I learned nothing truly usable - all techniques against ukes that do nothing consistent, all limited in scope and with ukes never at liberty of truly resisting and then going on attacking me without restraints. They just cower there like well instructed sheep who know they are supposed to fall - and so they fall.
Once I determined that was it with dojos, at least here, i had to decide whether I wanted to pursue a belt whatever and give to them 4 years of my money in order to do shio nages on flaccid arms that stay there for the purpose, or try to find a creative way to train in a more realistic way.

"Fighting" in those dojos it's like being in bed with a woman who does nothing and just lays there still and silent, I guess. You call it sex lol
1 hour there, and 10 actual minutes of training. No intensity. You may easily go out without having produced one drop of sweat, at times.

As long as I won't be able to place a koetgaeshi and a shiho nage as it pleases me against a massive attack, i won't take time to learn any other technique. These already are posing to me unsurmuntable difficulties against determined attackers. It's all totally different from a dojo.

It seems there is no fighting awareness.
Way before learning a technique, if you want to use it against a skilled attacker, you need fighting awareness.
I am at times near to the absurd conclusion that running through a door and bumping with intensity against its sides, may be more realistic and useful

I don't know. But I am stubborn and I rarely leave my hold on a bone. It may need 10 years before I give up and say: I have not found any viable way to train - a way that i can train also alone because I won't always have effective and determined ukes, these guys also have a life and can't fight with me more than once a week at times.

I'll keep trying. I want to find something. There must be something. There must be a way to do real aikido also if you have no dojo for that, not even within 500 km.
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