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Diana Frese
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Re: 12 Days of Christmas (Aikido style)

Hi Jessica, you and the others did so well, I only gave the last two of mine back in December .

But here are the ones from my first year or so....

..... my uke gave to me.....

A right handed shomen uchi (fit the meter and rhyme)

Two (whatever your favorite Aikido book is) books

Three irimi nage (first two words kind of quadruple rhyme)

Four yonkyo (numbering in Japanese)

Five kinds of tsuki ( from the test for first kyu, five techniques from the same attack, the examiner calls out the attack...)

Six shiho nage (not quite old english alliteration, but close...)

Seven dans a spinning (watching the black belts doing their turns effortlessly kind of like the original seven swans a swimming...)

Eight broom bo ( another alliteration, and me confused about the difference between a jo and a bo back then when I wrote it)

Nine nasty nikyo (we seem to have had the same fascination with nikyo that the original poster had!)

Ten tenchi nage (kind of rhymes, in a way)

And then we come to my original contribution about our senpai and his excellent free style (you probably call it randori?)

and the triple tenkans (three tenkans from a single strike by uke, wondered how they kept turning that many times ....)

yep, from the point of view of a new student it was fascinating enough to write lyrics about....

Thanks for the validation, hope you like these other lines, although I'm still cackling about the ones you guys wrote in December...

Jessica, you did well with 8,9, 10 because you noticed everyone on the mat was making an effort, I can almost visualize it now like a movie....

On re reading I see the original poster's dojo actually performed the complete techniques. Good for them. We never did them completely, if anything, it was just a short hint of each technique, as in the nikyo exercise one does to oneself in the warm up portion of class... or for tsuki, just a hint of a punch while singing...

Looks like we'd better do this right this December, no shortcuts!
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