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Re: Frustration with super-soft aikido class

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
you just either won't affect your partner or you will do so via muscling through.
Thanks for that Janet and PhillyKiAikido. I've just never heard the term Connection used in Tomiki Aikido or Judo.

I think my idea of timing differs from others. Timing to me is getting the correct off balance and keeping Uke off-balance until he's in an unstable position and falls on his own accord. Timing is like the gears of a watch.

If the timing breaks, you get out of sync and have to get back in time. I guess you can replace timing with connection and say If the connection breaks, you get out of sync and have to regain your connection??

I always have grouped Off balance, Entering and Throwing as parts of Timing. Do you see connection as keeping Uke off-balance? Do you see keeping Uke off-balance as controlling Uke's center?

Tomiki Aikido is very linear and I don't do a lot of circular movements. The throws are more direct so the connection issue doesn't seem to be as prevalent as it would be if you are leading someone.


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