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Re: Frustration with super-soft aikido class

As a student, you have every right to expect what to study in class, but it doesn't mean your expectations or interests are the best for your growth in Aikido. If you do Aikido just for fun, pick a dojo that best meets your need or ask the teacher to teach something that won't make you bored. If you're serious about studying the true art, you need good teachers, hard training and tallents. Considering you're now a beginner, your teacher may know better about the art than you.

Connection is the core of Aikido, you should feel fortunate that your teacher knows the importance of it. As you see more in the Aikido community, you'll find not many teachers know about that, and fewer teachers unstand what connection really is.

IMHO, connection is just connection, it has nothing to do with anything else such as timing, centers or Kuzushi. It's like two rivers merge and become one, it's like your forearm linked with your upper arm through your elbow joint, blood and flesh, you'll feel nothing when you have the connection. It's easier to understand it if you study Ki. Once you have the connection, the rest parts of Aikido techniques such as timing, center or Kuzushi ... are just consequences.

Enjoy Aikido!

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