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Ai symbol Re: Learning Through Feeling

Thank you, Seiser Sensei, for your kind comments.

I don't know that I'm one of "those people" by nature. As one who can learn and assymilate "mind" stuff really quickly, I was very frustrated when I first started training. Like running into a brick wall. It really irked me that Sensei would not just tell us how to do something. Even now I very often have to think things through in terms of angles, vectors, or visualizations, just to get it roughly correct, and then the kinesthetic learning can start to kick in.

The book Conscious Embodiment by Wendy Palmer Sensei was key to my seeing initially (still on a conceptual level) that we could learn from our bodies. But the real breakthrough was from a seminar my teacher, Dave Goldberg Sensei, taught just a few months into my training, about relaxing, and feeling and responding to what's really happening. It left a crack in my normal way of being that let a lot of light in. He is constantly working with us to be in our bodies, to feel, and to move and respond appropriately. It's challenging, but also great fun, and very worthwhile.

Many thanks.

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