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Re: In a quandary

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Is there any Martial Art which is designed to deal with the "full spectrum of attacks possible"? And if "performing any Aikido technique and finishing it in the dojo does not help" What are we doing in the Dojo? Kabuki?

William Hazen
I believed the martial art that could deal with a "full spectrum of attacks" called thermo-nuclear-weapon-do. of course, the often used martial art that has no defense would be explosive-vest-with-deadman-switch-do.

I am noh actor but i dig Kabuki, well up to a certain point.

you know i was looking at the statistics published by the US gov't. according to statistics, the leading causes of death in the US is mostly heart attack, cancer, respiratory related, and a few others. death by violent attack was somewhere around 1/2%, much less than 1 percent. if there is a martial art that could help us dealing with the top 5 leading causes, folks would take them en masse.
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