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Re: In a quandary

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post

In my understandign aikido begins when all this doesn't work. When a conflict get's physical. Then aikido is a method to deal with an opponent or attacker in a certain way.
This means using aiki / the structure of ones body instead of pyhsical strentgh. And having a peacefull mind. Even if using strong waza.
This to me is aikido.

And that's why I'm confused to some extent: Being aware, dealing with a conflict before it becomes physical or being "non-aggressive" (whatever that means) is not, what "is called" aikido in my context.

(I also teach seminars of "self-defence 'light'". There some aikido is done.)
This makes sense to me. Even in the simplest analysis, just look at practice: techniques start with some action (time for talk is over) not a short role playing of trying to deescalate which goes bad.
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