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Michael Hackett
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Re: In a quandary

Hi Carsten, I'm not suggesting that aikido is NOT a martial art, nor am I suggesting that it is worthless for self-defense. Aikido is a wonderful vehicle for defending oneself, but it does have holes in it, just as all the other arts do. One of our major problems is how long it takes to develop sufficient skill to become really effective in self-defense. My view is that there are other, quicker ways to learn "street self defense" (whatever the heck that is) if an individual feels he really needs something now to protect himself. If he lives, works, and recreates in some "Mad Max" environment, perhaps aikido isn't the answer for his immediate needs. If he lives in a fairly safe environment as most of us do, then he probably has the time to train in aikido, enjoy his training and all the benefits, and learn to protect himself from most harm.

Last evening we were doing sutemi waza and I was laughing inside about how some people view what we do as some silly dance. I was also thinking how most people, outside the safe dojo setting, would be seriously injured or worse if on the receiving end of a sutemi.

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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