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Re: Dan Harden UK seminar-May 14-15th. Basics of Internal Power in the Martial arts

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So any reviews of the seminar?
I would have loved to have come, but it was booked up solid by the time I heard about it.
I had dozens of people on the waiting list for those two seminars combined. The follow up seminars in the UK and Netherlands will be unannounced as they are most likely going to be booked in full. I don't like large events, as I do not feel I can do a good enough job getting round and getting hands on people and they...have one-on-one time with me. A good example was discussion of dantian and dantian rotation; everyone who wanted to got to actually feel it with their hands on me, as well as with pressured breathing, and by touching various points in my body one could feel how spiraling; in itself contains so many "jins" in one move, so I am not going to be doing large events. Later, if people take the training seriously, I can then open it up because I will have help from prior attendees. Make sense?

Most people don't realize I've done 35 seminars in two and a half years. They have only seen a dozen or so here. The reason is that the rest were booked privately.
I had a mission statement at the outset, a support strategy, and an exit strategy several years into the future if all went well.
I am following that plan in the best way I can manage.

I agree with several who have posted on RSF that we didn't want the week to end. Marvelous training / Marvelous people

May I say what a joy it was (and is) to bring together people from the ICMA community with people from the Aikido, Daito Ryu and FMA community, to share in a common search and vision. Everyone was reminded that we were joining in Ellis Amdur's vision; that this work is the one thing that indeed binds us all. For my part, I reminded everyone that ...I... am just one of those who are offering to help. This work is greater than us all. It was indeed humbling to be greeted so graciously by so many people.

I have to work all day, then train tonight. I will write more tomorrow.

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