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Re: In a quandary

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Training keeps us open to what is. When I am present to whatever is happening I can make the best decisons in any circumstance.
Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
... If you aren't concerned about defending yourself as your original post suggests, then stick with aikido ...
Barry Johnston wrote: View Post
...Aikido is truly about resolving issues before there's an issue. ...
Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
... but I feel that I have lost touch with reality given that our art is a "non-aggressive" one.
So how is aikido a martial art then?
What are the aims of your practice if not becoming confindent of being able to protect yourself?
How do you understand waza if not trying to make them "work"?

I have to admit I don't find the aikido I was taught and I try to teach in these statements. We do a very "soft" aikido. But one aspect clearly is it's use for self-defense.
I don't think aikido waza is "non-aggressive". (And never heard something like that on a tatami.) I think it is the person who is or is not.
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