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Re: "Art of Peace" Kanji

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
The difference was that they were arranged horizontally, right to left in the Japanese order, if I remember correctly, rather than vertically, as in Japanese books. For those not familiar with them, Japanese books are read with the pages in order from the right side of the book, ending with the left, the reverse from English language books.....
Hello Diana,

The reality is a little more complicated. Sure, Japanese books are arranged with the pages numbered with the spine of the book on the right, not on the left. However, the writing on the pages is printed vertically, not horizontally. The horizontal arrangement from right to left was more common in Morihei Ueshiba's day than it is now. I have seen it only on the sides of trucks and cars, like taxis. For example, my local taxi company, つばめタクシー (Tsubame Takushii = Tsubame [Swallow] Taxis), sometimes has ーシクタめばつ on the (right) driver's side of the car. In Roman script, this can can be written as i-ihs-uk-aT em-ab-usT, or, better, shii-ku-Ta me-ba-Tsu.

Japanese is clearly a wonderful language to speak and write.

Best wishes,

Peter G.

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