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Diana Frese
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Re: "Art of Peace" Kanji

The kanji Rudy quoted in post #20 of this thread seem to be as Demetrio stated in English in post #22 , literally. It is interesting that these kanji are the ones that were framed and hung on the wall of New York Aikikai above O Sensei's portrait photo at the front of the mat area, in the place of honor... (Sorry, I haven't been to NY in a long time) and probably still are..

The difference was that they were arranged horizontally, right to left in the Japanese order, if I remember correctly, rather than vertically, as in Japanese books. For those not familiar with them, Japanese books are read with the pages in order from the right side of the book, ending with the left, the reverse from English language books.

The calligraphy I assumed was written by O Sensei and given to Yamada Sensei to bring to his dojo in the United States .... probably in 1964 ....

Anyway, fascinating thread, I'm just adding some old memories in case some are interested in where this phrase appears in a slightly different arrangement... thanks, Rudy for introducing this topic which has inspired many of us .... and thanks, Chris for the interesting link, I had heard of Professor Goi and and am happy to be able to read more about him and about your dojo.... And of course Professor Goldsbury's information is always a great help ....
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