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"Art of Peace" Kanji

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I second Josh Reyer's question. Are you looking for an acceptable Japanese phrase to use as a dojo name or sign, for example?....
Best wishes,
P A Goldsbury
Hello Goldsbury Sensei,

Thank you for your reply to my post. I should have clarified the intent of my question when Josh first asked me so I will try to do so now.

I began quite simply by starting a thread asking for the kanji for peace which I wanted to use as an inscription on a wooden bokken and a jo which I plan to use both in individual practice and when working with a partner. I may also use the same phrase, or a related phrase, as calligraphy on a wall hanging in my home. Based on what I learned in the first thread I started this thread asking about OSensei's kanji for "The Art of Peace". After reading your reply and the others in this thread I am thinking now I can specify that I would like to consider the kanji for "The Tao of World Peace" as well as "The Art of World Peace".

Best regards,


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