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"Art of Peace" Kanji

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
I second Josh Reyer's question. Are you looking for an acceptable Japanese phrase to use as a dojo name or sign, for example?....
Best wishes,
P A Goldsbury
Hello Goldsbury Sensei,

Thank you for your reply to my post. I should have clarified the intent of my question when Josh first asked me so I will try to do so now.

I began quite simply by starting a thread asking for the kanji for peace which I wanted to use as an inscription on a wooden bokken and a jo which I plan to use both in individual practice and when working with a partner. I was also thinking of using the same phrase, or a related phrase, as calligraphy on a wall hanging in my home. Based on what I learned in the first thread I then started this thread asking about the kanji for "The Art of Peace". After reading your reply and the others in this thread I am thinking now I can specify that I would like to consider the kanji for "The Tao of World Peace" as well as "The Art of World Peace". Any assistance you can give me with this is sincerely appreciated.

Best regards,


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