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Brian Vickery
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Andrew wrote:
"Does anyone think that we could judge objectively whether somebody is as good at Aikido as O Sensei was?"

Wouldn't you consider this statement analogous to saying:

-Will there ever be as good a Christian as Jesus is?

I've read many uchi deshi state that: 'O-Sensei was Aikido'. So how can anyone surpass O-Sensei when it comes to aikido? In all contexts of aikido, be it spiritual or technical, I don't think this question can be truly answered. Any aikidoka that approaches this type of ability will most likely break away from aikido and form their own art, like O-Sensei did from aikijujutsu. I feel that Tomiki & Shioda came pretty darn close to this level, as did Tohei, and all still maintain a link to aikido and O-Sensei.

Just my slant on this topic!

Brian Vickery

Brian Vickery

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