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Anybody know what this technique is called?

Greetings all,

I am searching for the name of this tanto dori disarm technique which appears in both the following videos;

Video 1 (Starts @ 4.09 min)

Video 2 (Starts @ 6 secs) http://

For those who cant view vids - heres my oversimplified breakdown:

1)Uke comes thrusting with tanto (right hand)
2)Defender moves (slides - irimi motion) to ukes right side dodging knife thrust with attackers arm extended infront of them
3)Defender grabs the wrist (with knife) with his/her right hand while his/her left hand reaches over the extended arm and then under entangling it in an elbow lock.
4) Pressure can be applied to the elbow joint (looks like a standing hijishime or ude garami)
5)The defender then lets go with left hand to release elbow lock and then reaches infront (fast) across ukes face - trapping their head in their left armpit. The attacker is now arched back and being held up. The knife hand is still under control with what seems to be an armbar across the defenders stomach.

As you can see uke is finished off in different ways either by a body slam backwards or an arm restraint on the floor holding fingers back (Seagal).

Was just curious, as this has move has been cropping up a few times in odd videos and demonstrations but I have never concluded the name. Looks like an effective technique (I'm always looking to expand my knowledge).
The Aikikai also posted an 'advanced techniques' video featuring it as well, but I cant find the link.

Anybody know the name? Appreciate any answers!


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