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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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And, FWIW, it seems O Sensei had no problems with bearhugs as a mean of controlling aggressors.
(7:50- 7:55)

So, who are we to say what is and what is not an aikido waza? Do we know the entire possibilities of aikido?
Well, I know it's anathema: I never liked Ueshiba.
My impression has always been that all the good and the bad both that are in aikido, are his responsibility.

The good being of having envisioned a Martial Art entirely based upon defense and where brutal force is poscribed.

The bad being that in developing such an art, he has never been concerned with the fact it was clearly evolving towards fictional grounds that many Martial Artists (let's exclude me for I am neither martial nor an aritst: i'm a nuisance!) have often vocally noticed and denounced.

You can control an aggressor in many ways. If we go along this path, Demetrio, we can also arrive at the conclusion that gunfire is aikido.
In my humble perception, and I know I can be wrong, those videos where they face each others with tantos, are not designed to say that in akido you can defend yourself from a tanto wielding a tanto yourself - once again, they are designed to provide a training setting where, probably in order to save time, both act at once as ukes and toris.

if I would find a dojo where they instruct me about how to stab my opponent, I would leave that dojo immediately: i don't want to learn how to stab people (i'm not planning to produce a criminal record lol), or how to bear hug them (i already know how to do that ).
I want to learn how to produce pure techniques within the most aggressive and violent setting, with my bare hands and no punches: only leverages and projection.

Oh, let's be clear about this: I fully understand and even encourage your personal perspective about it: if you find allright defending yourself with a tanto or with bear hugs, I cannot but say you're right. In a real fight, most likely, one will end up forfeting all aikido (that's my point, sigh), and fighting fire with fire.

It's just that the Aikido I want is the one where my opponent can do whatever he wants, whereas I have plenty of limitations: only leverges and projections, and no force allowed except that which could move say 15 kilos.
Bear hug or chokes? No no no no no....

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